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The Answer is Within

Vinyasa Yoga





My philosophy


I am here to guide you on a transformative journey of growth and self-discovery. Through the powerful practices of Reiki, Yoga, Tarot, Astrology, and Meditation, I offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom to support your holistic well-being.


Let's unlock your true potential and cultivate inner harmony together. Join me on this sacred voyage towards a balanced and fulfilled life.


Nurture your soul, embrace your potential

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“My reiki session with Jolaubi was very different from my first one. I think it worked out best because I trusted the energy connecting with mine. It was meditative, relaxing and I was able to see the answer to my problems easier. The explanation after the session definitely helped me put the experience into words. Going through the different energies, colors and pictures that I saw was very welcoming and a gateway of positivity. I was also able to connect to my higher self and feel at ease. Jolaubi was a great guide. I will definitely try reiki again to help me with my mental blockages.”


“Jo knew exactly what areas I needed reiki for. It was such a relaxing session where I just got to lay down and receive. I felt so validated and comforted by the cards she pulled for me at the end too.”


“My reiki experience with Jolaubi was nothing short of amazing. At the beginning of the session, I was met with a calm and inviting atmosphere by a skilled reiki practitioner who understood the assignment! She took the time to check my chakras, taking note of which areas would need a bit more attention, and explained how the overall process would work. The reiki healing itself was very effective, leaving me feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. Her attention to detail and commitment to healing aid in providing an impressive experience tailored to one’s individual needs. I will be a returning customer!”


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